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Community Doula Services

Are you a teen mom looking for a doula?

You have reached the right place! My name is Ebonie Garnett, Certified Community Based Doula and I am passionate about supporting young moms through pregnancy, labor and postpartum with my doula services. 

Our services are for teen moms in the community of Columbia, SC. We will provide you with free doula support. Yes, at no cost to you! We will nurture you and guide you through this process of becoming a mother. We will empower you to make informed decisions and advocate for you. We will provide referrals to make sure you have the resources you need. We educate you, assist in creating your birth plan, teach you comfort measures, work through any fears or concerns, and so much more. Ultimately we will be a safe supportive space for you and your baby.

Our services are limited. If you are ready sign up now! Click the button below to fill out our intake form. You are one step closer to having the support you need! 

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